You were created to be successful, there’s a winner in each and every one of us, we were created to be winners,

Just get ready because you’re about to have some victories that you never thought would happen to you, you can, you will!

Keep your vision in front of you:

When you keep seeing something over and over again, it gets submitted into your subconscious mind as studies tell us, it’s one of the most well-known techniques to reach your dreams, sometimes, you may not reach your fullest potential,

However, it’s not because you’re not good enough or that you’re not smart enough, maybe it’s just because you’ve been keeping the wrong things in front of your eyes, get something and make it resemble your dream, for instance.

If you want to join medical school, get a plastic skull, put it on your desk and then whenever you start studying, you’ll see that skull in front of you, reminding you of your dream, reminding you of what you really want to do with your life, this will have a great impact on your studying as it will motivate you to keep going.

Let’s say you want to get married, fill your house with empty portraits, and then everywhere you go, you’re going to a see these empty portraits and get determined on filling them one day, and when someone asks you “What are these portraits for?” You just say “It’s for the wife that’s on the way”.

There was once a young man who has always dreamed of being an actor, but he was broke and unmotivated, his family were so poor that they were living in a van at one time, one day, he was so discouraged, he drove his old car to the top of a hill and looked from over it and did something he never thought he might one day do.

He got out a check and wrote himself a ten-million-dollar check for “acting services”, twelve years later, that young man, Jim Carrey, was making about fifteen to twenty-five million dollars per movie.

Courage, Inspire

Run your race:

In your daily life, there will be a lot of people who try to run your life for you and control it, they may mean well, but you should be the only one who controls your life, you have to run your race, if you don’t write your own story, someone else definitely will.

And they won’t have much for you, keeping everyone happy is an impossible thing to do, no matter what you do, you’ll never be able to make everyone happy, you’ll find yourself playing roles that you shouldn’t or do not want to play, if every single time someone criticizes something you do so you stop doing it, you’ll never get anything done.

Everyone will try to put you in their own boxes, however, you should create your own box because even if you changed and did what they wanted you to do, some people will still find a fault in that, somebody once said.

At 20 you keep wondering what everyone thinks about you, at 40 you stop caring and at 60, you realize nobody ever did, free yourself from other people’s opinions, then, and only then, you’ll be truly free.

There’s an old story of a grandfather and his grandson, this grandfather took his grandson to a place on a donkey, he let his grandson ride it, when people walked by him, they assumed that the boy was selfish as he let his grandfather walk, so the grandfather was annoyed by their words and decided to listen to them, so he took his grandson’s place and rode the donkey, yet, when people walked by they assumed that the grandfather was selfish as he let the little boy walk, once more, he decided to listen to their opinion and decided to ride the donkey along with his grandson, again, when people saw them they thought it was inhumane to put so much weight on the donkey.

The whole point of this story is that no matter what you do, there will always be people who do not approve of your way of doing it, so just walk your own path, be in control of it and lead your way to success.

Expect good things:

There’s always a rule for expecting things, when you expect good things, good things will happen to you, but if you keep expecting bad things over and over again, guess what? You’ll always get what you’re expecting, God always finds a way to give you what you’re expecting.

Studies show that negative thoughts and positive thoughts are processed differently by different parts of your brain, negative thoughts tend to stick around longer than positive thoughts because the negative ones take much more time to process, for instance, you’re more likely to remember that you failed an exam than to remember that you passed one, negative thoughts have a huge impact on your brain.

There was a beautiful young woman named Rachel Smith used to help children in developing countries, back in 2007, she competed in the Miss Universe pageant, while walking on the stage, she tripped and fell on her back, it was the most embarrassing moment in her life.

The crowd kept booing her and making fun of the way she fell, however, she stood up and continued walking, she chose a question from a box that was placed in the very place she fell on, the question she picked was “If you could relive any moment over again, what would that be?”

Without any hesitation, she said that she would relive the moments when she was in Africa helping the poor children so she could see the smiles on their faces all over again, she chose to relive a moment of happiness instead of wishing she could walk again on the stage and not fall, she chose not to dwell on her bad memories but to cherish the good ones.

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this is an awesome summary